Resources for Tired Parents

A Bundle of Trusted Resources

How does Sugar Night Night provide peaceful nights of Sweet Sleep?


Loved to Sleep

I have co-authored a book with Andrea Strang titled “Loved to Sleep.” The Loved to Sleep Method is a nurturing strategy in which you invest your time to reduce the amount of crying and improve sleep. Essentially, you are trading tears for time. This method is designed to give you the tools to assess what is right for your family. Not every family has the same expectations or wants the same end result with regards to how and where their baby sleeps.

The “Loved to Sleep” e-book is available on Amazon. For more information, watch the video with Jen and Andrea talking about the Loved to Sleep method.

With a bundle of resources.

Sleepless nights make life hard – from taking care of our families and ourselves to knowing where to go to even begin to find helpful resources. Sugar Night Night makes it easy, listing a bundle of resources to provide peaceful nights of Sweet Sleep:


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