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NEW: Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching on Channel App by Marco Polo

March 3, 2021

NEW: Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching – TODDLERS

Jen Varela on the Channel App by Marco Polo

Join Sugar Night Night’s Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching and be personally coached by Jen Varela.  Sugar Night Night is pleased to offer new GROUP coaching support on the Channels App by Marco Polo, to help your family find the best sleep solutions. Channels by Marco Polo is a video-first coaching platform, designed to keep a personal connection between the coach and the client, allowing clients to engage when it works with their schedule.  

You’ll have access to Jen Varela’s coaching services and tools to help you develop personalized sleep plans. You will have the added benefit of being in a community with other parents who are also walking out the journey of teaching their child to sleep. You will learn from each other’s questions and have a village to support you in the process. In this group, members have the opportunity to ask questions, set goals, and learn more about how they can help their babies learn good sleep habits. All of this support on your schedule! 

Babies’ Ages: 20-months to 5-years-old

One Time Charge: $380 

Dates: 3/3/21 to 4/6/21 (5 weeks)


  • Personalized Coaching 
  • 5 Weeks of Sleep Coaching Content and Educational Videos 
  • The e-book “Loved to Sleep” by Jen Varela and Andrea Strang 
  • Sleep History Questionnaire Review by Jen Varela 
  • Questions Answered Twice a Week for 5 Weeks 
  • Personalized Online Sleep Log 
  • Sleep Plan Examples
  • Fill-in Form to Create Your Own Sleep Plan and Reviewed by Jen Varela


Not sure if group coaching is for you, please schedule a 10-minute FREE call with Sugar Night Night assistant Carolina Castro. She will answer any questions you may have regarding how it works.

Sugar Night Night – Sweet Sleep Group Coaching – TODDLERS

Encouraging Words

“As a pediatrician, I often spend time counseling families about good sleep habits and sleep training.  But sometimes, despite our best efforts, things aren’t easy.  Sometimes it is due to setbacks from illnesses, hospitalizations, etc, and sometimes is it just a child with a strong temperament!  When my usual sleep advice isn’t enough, and families aren’t sleeping despite doing what we all think is best, I refer to Jen.  Her gentle individualized approach and consistent follow up has helped many families finally get the rest that they all desperately need.  And, very important to me, she encourages safe sleep practices.  I’m really glad she’s here to help our community of parents!” 

Dr. Lori Taylor – Pediatrician at Coast Pediatrics Del Mar & Carmel Valley


“Jen is amazing!!! My wife and I were struggling putting our 2-year-old to sleep.  We tried various methods and read multiple books.  Out of desperation, we called Jen and immediately felt assured.  She genuinely cares.

She developed a plan specific for our family and method we were comfortable with.  She used logic, best practices and her gut to develop a personal plan.  The entire time i felt encouraged, motivated and focused.

Results were amazing!  Our daughter now sleeps on her own with minimal assistance.  My wife and I have our evenings back.  What a difference!!!

Kevin – Dad of 2-Year-Old Daughter

Are you a mom who is struggling with depression and anxiety, or are you a concerned friend or relative, at Postpartum Support International you can get support and referrals to resources that can help.  https://www.postpartum.net/ 


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