Successes: Expectant Parents to 4 Month Olds

Stories of Sweet Sleep

You’re expecting a little one.

You suddenly immerse yourself in books about what to expect and how to prepare in the coming months. Then, you’re little one comes and you’re wondering how you could have ever thought you’d be prepared for sleep deprivation, feeding schedules and crying at all hours. Is there any way to offset this time of sleepless nights for you and your baby?

Though too soon to sleep train, there is much to learn about how your baby’s sleep is changing. Sleep shaping provides you with information you  need to align your expectations with where your baby is developmentally.

Sugar Night Night knows what it’s like to be an exhausted parent. Jen’s years of experience have gently empowered parents to be champions of change and heroes of healthy sleep habits for their babies and families. So, what does helping families have sweet sleep success sound like… besides lots of Zzz’s?

Long-distance coaching brings long naps

“I was referred to Jen with Sugar Night Night through a friend who had great success with her locally in San Diego. I wasn’t sure how the coaching over the phone would work since I was in Denver, but I thought I’d give it a try. I knew from our first phone call that she was going to be a great match for my four-month old and me.

“She took the time to thoroughly listen to my thoughts, concerns and parenting philosophies and helped to build a program specific to our needs. When we fell off course or had some unexpected scenarios pop up, she helped us to adjust accordingly. I give her all the credit for helping turn my terrible, 30-measly-minutes napper into a napping champ and helped to permanently remove all of our baby girl’s sleeping crutches. I have since recommended her to friends who live in and outside of San Diego. Thank you SO much for the peaceful hours of rest I now get each day.”

Mother of four-month-old daughter
Denver, CO

Self-soothing techniques, not cry-it-out method, bring naps

“Thank you so much for your help with James! I will admit I was skeptical at first when my co-worker referred me to you and so worried that we would just be told that cry-it-out methods or some form of them was the only way to go. As you know, I personally had chosen not to do any sort of cry-it-out methods and I had a hard time believing that there could be a gentler approach that would be effective. I thought I was going to be just stuck nursing and bouncing him to sleep until he was a toddler! I loved working with Jen to break James’ sleep crutches and helping him to learn to self-soothe with methods comfortable to me. I appreciated that Jen tailored our goals and methods to work with my comfort zone as well as James’.

“Although I had read a few books, it was so hard to see how to practically implement the suggestions. I am so happy with the progress that we made with his sleep while we worked with Jen. We are finally at some consistent sleep stretches at night and I can’t believe his naps! More often than not, we are getting a two-hour nap each day along with an afternoon one as well! Even more impressive is that he’s in his crib for these! I’m looking forward to continuing to make progress with all of the tools Jen gave us! I won’t hesitate to reach out to her if we run into bumps in the road in the future.”

Mother of four-month-old son
Solana Beach, CA

First-time parents: From catnaps to comfy crib sleeping

“My husband and I are so thankful to have found Jen! Before working together, our four-month-old daughter did not have a consistent schedule or routine. She could only fall asleep while nursing or in motion. She catnapped for 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day and woke up four or five times in the evening. We had no idea that an infant could suffer from sleep deprivation and just assumed that if she were tired, she would sleep!

“After Jen’s coaching and some sleep shaping methods, in just six weeks our daughter has become comfortable and happy in her crib, takes consistent naps, has a predictable wake-up/bed time and sleeps eight-hour stretches in the evening without waking. As first-time parents, Jen educated us on the various aspects of sleep shaping/training and helped us develop confidence in our parenting skills. We will forever be thankful for her attentiveness and dedication to us!”

Jacqueline & Allen
Parents of four-month-old daughter
San Diego, CA

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