Gentle Sleep Coach Services and Packages

Which Sleep Method is Right for You?

How does sleep coaching with Jen work?

At Sugar Night Night, Jen Varela creates solutions to get your baby sleeping in ways that work for you, your child, and your family.

Having worked with more than 4,500 families as a baby and child sleep consultant in Southern California – San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles – and even coaching nationwide, Jen Varela provides parents with personal instruction and the best techniques to promote healthy, gentle sleep habits for infants, babies, toddlers, and children… all the while keeping tears to a minimum.

Given the working schedules and sleep deprivation of many of our clients, consultations are done in the convenience of your home via Skype – arranged around your schedule. If you live in the greater San Diego area, Jen Varela can come to your home personally.

What’s my first step?

Schedule a 30-Minute Consultation

In a matter of minutes, Sugar Night Night will gain a snapshot of your current experience and then help you determine if you need sleep coaching:

  • Jen Varela may be the right fit for your family.
  • Or, you’ll glean a few vital insights to help you on your way.

You will hang up the phone with the hope that your circumstances can change, an understanding of how sleep training and sleep coaching works, and why it’s important for you and your family.

If you choose sleep coaching with Jen, all clients fill out a comprehensive profile form. Prior to your first two-hour consultation, a thorough review of the medical and behavioral history you provide of your child will lay the foundation for a customized sleep plan. This jumpstarts your conversation and allows Jen to make the most of your time together.

Parents holding sleeping baby

What are Jen’s most popular Gentle Sleep Coach plans?

While Jen can design an individualized plan, here are Sugar Night Night’s most popular plans to help families have sweet sleep:

  1. From expectant parents to four-month olds
  2. Families with 4 ½-month olds to six-month olds
  3. Families with children six months to five years of age
  4. GROUP Coaching for families with children six months to five years of age

Questions? Feel free to contact Jen.

Want to hear from other tired parents whose families now have sweet sleep? Check out Sugar Night Night’s success stories.

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