Sugar Night Night’s Bundle of Trusted Resources

Calming. Soothing. Simple. Knowledgeable.

Sugar Night Night uses a bundle of resources to provide peaceful nights of Sweet Sleep.

We’ve worked with valuable experts, vetted through our experience over the years:

Voila Montessori

Jen Varela can’t say enough about Jeanne-Marie Paynel, owner of Voila Montessori. She is a passionate visionary who inspires parents to think about how their home is the most important place to provide emotional and intellectual growth for their child. What could be better than being taught how to create a peaceful and supportive environment for your child to thrive during the first years of life? As parents, we all want to make the most of these intense exploration years, creating life-long, independent and confident learners. Now you have access to Jeanne-Marie’s “wealth of knowledge” through Autogenic Respiratory Training (A.R.T.), positive discipline and Montessori for all. Tell Jeanne-Marie Sugar Night Night sent you.

Contact: Jeanne-Marie Paynel

You’re pregnant!

Who can help you prepare?


Not just an amazing boutique to find the latest, cutest and best baby products, it is where moms go to get answers. Rochelle McLean, owner of Babies in Bloom, has a vision to help each family meet their goals during pregnancy, birth and beyond – lending support and encouragement along the way. Not only is Rochelle’s wisdom and knowledge a lifeline for moms, but also the best experts in their field in San Diego teach her classes. Babies In Bloom is the destination for education and support for growing families.

So many baby classes, so little time!

Here’s our list of the best:

The thought of being able to communicate with your “pre-verbal” baby is amazing! Baby Garten Studio is a wonderful environment for sign language classes. Plus, it is a place for families to get access to local resources and support. Monta Briant, a very talented sign language teacher and author, runs it. Monta has made many connections with wonderful educators and service providers who offer classes on the needs that arise. Baby Garten’s array of valuable classes includes preparing for your baby’s arrival, practical needs for newborns and toddlers as well as parenting classes – to mention a few.

Move Play Grow

Jen Varela has learned so much from Wendi McKenna, owner of Move Play Grow. For instance, we are so quick to put our babies in “containers” that we run the risk of missing some very important daily activities that can both facilitate and hinder your baby’s innate desire to move forward. Wendi developed Move Play Grow out of her passion for wellness and prevention so you don’t have to look at physical therapy later. Did you know tummy time doesn’t have to be time you dread because your baby is crying? There are ways to make it treasured time. Plus, her classes are invaluable! See for yourself at Move Play Grow. Tell Wendi Sugar Night Night sent you.

Contact: Wendi McKenna, DPT, PCS, C/NDT

Want to add to your wealth of knowledge?

We recommend these resources for parents:

New Mommy Media

New Mommy Media is a network of dynamic audio podcasts for new and expecting parents. As New Mommy Media’s Baby Sleep Expert I have recorded several podcasts regarding infant and toddlers sleep . They give tips and advice for new parents, educating and entertaining moms and dads as they transition into parenthood. Each 30-minute episode features everyday parents and experts discussing relevant issues in a relaxed, roundtable format.

Postpartum depression/anxiety is the most common complication after childbirth. Postpartum Health Alliance provides a safe place for you to reach out regarding anxiety and depression after childbirth. Jen Varela has worked with many counselors in this organization, and is impressed with their knowledge and heartfelt care for mothers who are struggling. You are not alone in your struggle!


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