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Find Workshops and Classes To Help Your Child Sleep

In addition to sweet and gentle sleep coaching packages for families, Jen Varela creates conversations, teaches workshops and leads seminars about how to get baby sleeping. Here are her most popular workshops:

For babies up to six months

Sweet Sleep: Sleep Shaping for Infants

There are many variables that impact sleep in the first six months of your baby’s life. As a parent, you might feel overwhelmed and concerned because your baby’s sleep can fluctuate so greatly.

At this two-hour workshop, learn how to gently shape your newborn’s sleep habits. Uncover realistic expectations about sleep and what your baby is capable of. It’s chock-full of valuable insights so you and your baby can get better sleep. Learn more, select a date on our workshops calendar and register today.

For babies six months to 13 months

Sweet Expectations: Sleep Training

If your baby is six to 13 months old and not sleeping through the night, there is hope! You and your baby don’t have to be sleep deprived.

Come learn how to teach your baby to self-sooth and develop great sleep habits and leave with knowledge about why sleep training works, what sleep training methods are most successful, and the ability to create your own sleep training plan. Learn more about this two-hour workshop. Select a date on our workshops calendar and register today.

For expectant parents, babies and children up to 5 years

Gentle Sleep Solutions & Sleep Basics

Have you found yourself asking these questions?

  • I think I’ve completely messed up. Can I still fix it?
  • How young is too young to sleep train?
  • Is the cry it out method the only option to get my baby on a sleep routine?

In this one-hour workshop, get answers with other parents in a comfortable environment. Learn together how to gently solve your children’s sleep problems. It will provide you with solutions and hope. Learn more, select a date on our workshops calendar and register today.


Questions? You’re welcome to contact Jen about these workshops.

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