Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching – TODDLERS

Bring your questions, and I will give you sleep solutions!

Channels by Marco Polo is a video-first coaching platform, designed to keep a personal connection between the coach and the client, allowing clients to engage when it works with their schedule.

Sugar Night Night’s Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching

Sweet Sleep Group Coaching

Sugar Night Night’s sleep coaching services are now available in a group format. Participants will have access to my one-on-one coaching content, with the added benefit of a built-in community of other parents offering support and encouragement.


Babies’ Ages: 20-months to 5-years-old
One Time Charge: $380
Dates: 3/3/21 to 4/6/21 (5 weeks)

This group is for families with babies ages 20-months to 5-years-old and meets for five weeks starting October 14th. It includes question-and-answer sessions, a personalized online sleep log, sleep plan examples based on age, and parents’ worksheets to create their family sleep plan. I will help parents set goals each week and monitor their progress to help them find the perfect sweet sleep solution for their families. I know sleep habits can be learned at any age, and this coaching group will help parents understand the strategies and science behind solutions that align with their goals and parenting style.


  • Book: “Loved to Sleep” by Jen Varela and Andrea Strang
  • Sleep History Questionnaire Review by Jen Varela
  • 5 Weeks of Sleep Coaching Content
  • Questions Answered Twice a Week for 5 Weeks
  • Personalized Online Sleep Log
  • Sleep Plan Examples by Age
  • Fill-in Form to Create Your Own Sleep Plan and Reviewed by Jen Varela

Not sure if GROUP Coaching is for you, please schedule a 10-minute FREE call with Sugar Night Night assistant Carolina Castro.  She will answer any questions you may have regarding how it works.

Good sleep habits can be learned at any age, whether your child is 6-months old or 5-years-old. If you want your child to sleep through the night, sleep coaching can help. You are the expert on your child, and Sugar Night Night will give you the expertise to find the right sleep solution for you and your family.

Jen Varela works with families in all different sleeping configurations—from bed-sharing, to room-sharing with the child on a separate sleep surface, to having the child in a separate room. Her focus is to assess with you what works (and what doesn’t) and equip you with empathic and responsive sleep coaching strategies to get your family the rest you need … all the while keeping tears to a minimum. While your family’s dynamics may be unique, the values at Sugar Night Night are always the same. It’s all about a gentle sleep coach philosophy.

Ready to teach your toddler how to sleep through the night? Join Sugar Night Night’s Sweet Sleep Coaching Group and be personally coached by Jen Varela.  You will have the added benefit of being in a community with other parents who are also walking out the journey of teaching their baby to sleep. You will learn from each other’s questions and have a village to support you in the process. All of this support on your schedule!

Sugar Night Night Channels GROUP Coaching – What to Expect

Bring your questions, and I will give you sleep solutions!


Wednesdays – Education, and Goal Setting for the Week
Fridays – Check-in on Goals and Questions Answered
Tuesday – Progress Assessed and Questions Answered



Book: “Loved to Sleep” by Jen Varela and Andrea Strang

Educational Videos:

  • Gentle Sleep Solutions & Sleep Basics Workshop Recording
  • Why Sleep Coaching Works – Part 1
  • Why Sleep Coaching Works – Part 2
  • Behavior and Biology of Sleep – Part 1
  • Behavior and Biology of Sleep – Part 2
  • Perspective is Everything
  • Launching Your Sleep Plan
  • Nap Schedule & Strategies
  • Options for Reducing Night Feeds
  • Sleep Coaching Your Baby Night 1
  • Sleep Coaching Your Baby Week 1 Goals
  • Sleep Coaching Your Baby Week 2 Goals
  • Sleep Coaching Your Baby Week 3 Goals
  • Sleep Coaching Your Baby Week 4 Goals
  • Instruction on How to Use Personalized Online Sleep Log
  • Graduation Video – What to Do When Your Child has a Sleep Regression
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