Let’s Talk About Sleep: The Value of Group Workshops

I started my career as a sleep coach working one-on-one with parents. While each family I’ve worked with is unique, they all share a universal desire to create healthy sleep habits in their home. That’s why it’s been my privilege to expand my sleep coaching services over the years with group workshops for organizations, support groups, parenting conferences, and more. Good sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a basic need, and I want to help as many people as possible meet that need in their families.

I host workshops for parents, as well as for organizations that work with parents to support their overall health, whether mental or physical. This includes pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, doulas, lactation consultants, and many others. During my workshops, I discuss the principles of gentle sleep coaching and how to put them into practice in everyday life. But it’s not just me talking–I also provide question-and-answer time so the participants feel truly equipped and empowered to shape their child’s sleep habits in a positive, loving way.

Sleep is a hot topic and it affects many areas of a parent’s life. My group workshops:

  • Explain the science of sleep. I’ve spoken to many organizations that work with parents in support roles. When these staff members understand essential sleep basics, they can respond to parents from a more informed position.
  • Help participants identify potential problem areas. I explain what normal infant sleep looks like, so parents can quickly identify concerns and get any necessary help.
  • Offer valuable coping strategies. I give practical applications parents can put to good use anytime, whether that’s a missed nap at noon or a bright-eyed and alert baby at 2 a.m.

These group workshops cover a lot of ground, based on my years of experience and research. Topics include:

  • The first year of sleep. Babies go through many developmental changes during this time, and that can turn a sleep schedule into a bit of a roller coaster ride. This workshop gives participants the tools to manage the ups and downs for a smoother transition to sleep.
  • The “Loved to Sleep” Method. This workshop is based on the book I co-authored with my fellow sleep coach Andrea Strang. I explain how parents can reduce crying and improve sleep for children of all ages and temperaments with this highly adaptable method.
  • How to promote healthy sleep. There are many things parents can do for themselves to get a better night’s sleep, and it can be as simple as adding an amber light bulb to their bedroom lamp or eating a green leafy salad at lunch. I share my sleep tips and biohacks, as well as strategies for sleep training little ones.

I’m also happy to customize workshop topics according to an organization or group’s request. Each session combines information (sleep science) and integration (practical, applicable strategies). My goal is to make healthy sleep attainable for everyone. 

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many organizations, including Global Communities-Healthy Start, UCSD Women’s Reproductive Mental Health Program, and Parent Connection, among others. And I’d like to work with your organization or parent support group, too. Contact me to learn more about my custom workshops.