Good Design = Good Sleep for Baby

Decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting things expectant parents get to do before their baby’s arrival. What colors should be used? Will there be a design theme? How should a crib, changing table, rocker, and other furnishings be placed in the room? You’re building a love nest for your little one, but the design elements you choose can also create a sweet sleep space.

There are certain things parents can do to make their baby’s room more conducive to a good night’s sleep. Here are some of my favorite design tips that are both beautiful and, when it comes to promoting healthy sleep habits, practical.

Give Red Light the Green Light

We know that blue light disrupts the body’s ability to fall asleep. So go in the opposite direction and use red or amber light that promotes sleep by cuing the body to release melatonin. Himalayan red salt lamps give off this warm glow and look striking, too; you can also put red light bulbs in your regular lamps to get the same effect. 

Pick a Peaceful Palette

The colors you use in a room can maximize the effects of red lighting and make the nursery feel warm and inviting. Choose shades that mimic the colors of a sunset, such as peach, coral, pink, gold, and mauve. You can also paint the walls a lovely off-white or cream and use these sunset shades as accent colors. A good rule of thumb for whatever palette you select: look for colors with warm undertones, not cool.

Cover Up the Windows

Blackout window treatments keep light out, helping you reinforce your baby’s sleep/wake cycle. I love these window covers because they fit snugly against a window frame, blocking light better than a shade or curtain. They’re easy to care for and roll up when they’re not in use, plus they work well with any kind of decorative window treatment you choose for the nursery. You may also opt to use blackout materials in any roller shades or drapes you order, but be sure that all your window covers are cord free for safety.

Make the Nursery Scent-sational

Many people like to use candles, diffusers, or wax burners to create a scent profile, much like an interior design style, for their living spaces. You can do the same thing in a nursery with an essential oil diffuser. Scent doesn’t just make the nursery smell good–it’s a special sensory input with a direct link to our brain’s limbic system, which controls memory and feelings. Create a secure and relaxing environment associated with the regular use of a particular scent; over time, it can build a strong association between the scent and sleep in your baby’s mind. Some good aromas to try: lavender, vetiver, bergamot, and frankincense. Don’t use scent during your newborn’s first three months (their sense of smell is very acute during this time), and consult with your pediatrician before using a diffuser for the first time.

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