Families Achieve the Dream of Peaceful Sleep

During my many years as a San Diego sleep coach, I’ve been privileged to work with families who want to give their child the gift of sweet sleep. The clients I’ve consulted with have different life circumstances, but they’ve all found success with an approach incorporating Sugar Night Night’s core values. Here’s how those values have helped them, in their own words.

Core Value: Solutions

Many parents come to me tired, frustrated, or out of ideas. They need hope and encouragement, and I strive to offer that by listening to parents and then crafting a plan that aligns with their goals.

“My wife and I were struggling putting our 2 year old to sleep. We tried various methods and read multiple books. Out of desperation, we called Jen and immediately felt assured. She genuinely cares. She developed a plan specific for our family and a method we were comfortable with.She used logic, best practices, and her gut to develop a personal plan.The entire time I felt encouraged, motivated, and focused. Results were amazing! Our daughter now sleeps on her own with minimal assistance. My wife and I have our evenings back. What a difference!” — Hugo

I also believe solutions need to meet parents’ needs, whether they are co-sleeping, room sharing, or using a crib in the nursery for their child’s sleep. That means my plan for each family is personalized and flexible so they feel comfortable at every stage.

“Jen listens, understands, and manages all of MY big emotions about this process, all while providing a road map on how to meet our goal. She let us slow down as we needed, and steered us around roadblocks as they occurred, and seriously changed our lives for the better. My son now looks forward to bedtime and so do we. We play, we laugh, we enjoy each other, AND we sleep. We accomplished all of this with NO tears and no fighting.” — Jenny

Core Value: Strategies

Parents are the best judge of their child’s temperament. I help parents use that knowledge to come up with sleep strategies that work for their little ones.

“Our little one is an intuitive and sensitive soul. Jen’s experience and knowledge throughout the process was invaluable. She was able to adjust our plan based on our little one’s unique needs, and provide helpful suggestions on how to address concerns and situations that arose during our sleep journey.” — Anna

My strategies use gentle techniques for sleep training or sleep shaping, setting good habits that lead to more hours of rest for your whole family.

“After Jen’s coaching and some sleep shaping methods, in just six weeks our daughter has become comfortable and happy in her crib, takes consistent naps, has a predictable wake-up/bed time and sleeps eight-hour stretches in the evening without waking. As first-time parents, Jen educated us on the various aspects of sleep shaping/training and helped us develop confidence in our parenting skills.” — Jacqueline and Allen

Core Value: Science

I use evidence-based methods to help families come up with healthy sleep habits that work for them. We work at a gentle pace and support parents as they adopt these strategies in their homes.

“Talking to Jen made me feel so much better as she gave me a plan specifically tailored to the sleeping habits of my son. So many other consultants usually just point you in the direction of a generic schedule that is more a one-size-fits-all model, grouping the ages into general categories such as 6-12 months and 12-18 months, but what works for a 12 month old definitely does not always work for a 6 month old. She said it would take around 5 days to see improvements with my son’s sleep habits, but we saw positive changes within 12 hours.”  — Holly

Ultimately, I combine science and support to help my families achieve the dream of sweet sleep.

“Having an empathetic listener who knows what she’s talking about was so valuable. I have no idea how or if we could have navigated through all of the bumps in the road without her counsel….She has a whole host of methods, supported by both science and her experiences with clients. I liked that we could try one method, and either adjust slightly or change completely as we learned more about our child’s habits and difficulties. I won’t hesitate to call Jen to help us through any sleep issues that stump us.”  — Elizabeth

If you want to see more family success stories, visit my testimonial page or my Yelp reviews. And if you’re looking for a San Diego sleep coach or need advice, schedule a 30-minute consultation or connect with Sugar Night Night to learn more about my services. Let’s talk about turning your dreams of sweet sleep into reality!