Coaching: Expectant Parents to 4 Months

Baby Sleep Shaping Can Begin Now

Pregnancy is exciting news. It includes anticipation, excitement and a little anxiety about all the information to learn about this new life.

Newborn babies are an even bigger blessing. They’re sweet, cuddly and adorable. But, what happens when your beautiful baby just won’t sleep, creating sleepless days and nights?

Expectant parents and newborn babies present a unique opportunity to begin gentle sleep shaping as preparation for good sleep training after 4 ½ months of age. Jen Varela is specifically trained to educate parents so that newborns in this age group and their parents can still experience sleep in those first few precious months of life.

What’s my first step?

Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

You will hang up the phone with hope that your circumstances can change, an understanding of how sleep shaping works and why it’s important for you and your family.

If you choose sleep shaping with Jen, all clients fill out a comprehensive profile form. Prior to your first one-hour consultation, a thorough review of the medical and behavioral history you provide of your child will lay the foundation for a professional assessment and specific sleep shaping strategies for your baby.

What are Jen’s most popular Gentle Sleep Coach plans for expectant and new parents?

While Jen can design an individualized plan, here are Sugar Night Night’s most popular plans to help expectant and new parents have sweet sleep:

Expectant Sleep

    • 60-minute consultation via Skype*
    • For parents with babies up to five months old, learn how to gently shape your newborn’s sleep habits so she or he never needs sleep training!

*In-person, in-home consultations are available for an additional fee of $100 for those who live in the greater San Diego area within a 25-mile radius of the Sugar Night Night offices. Outside this area, additional travel fees may apply. Pricing is subject to change.

Questions? You’re welcome to contact Jen.

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