Sugar Night Night Social Media Resources

Nowadays, most people stay in touch and up to date with social media. From Instagram to Facebook to YouTube, people around the world check in with friends, find out the latest news, and learn about new products and services on their social channels.

At Sugar Night Night, we are dedicated to being an easy-to-find and helpful resource for all our clients, wherever we can meet them. That commitment includes using social media to inform, inspire, and serve our clients and our community with helpful information they can access anywhere, anytime.

Are you following Sugar Night Night on social media? If you are, fantastic! We’re happy to have you among our followers. If you’re not, keep reading to see what you’re missing out on and we hope to add you to our friends and followers soon!


Instagram is the leading social media platform for visually inspired content. From images and graphics to short video clips and even long-form video, Instagram has grown into a favorite social media channel since it launched in 2010.

Our Instagram followers can find out the latest sleep training tips, information on our events. Our Instagram TV viewers enjoy hours of content including What to Expect from Group Coaching, our popular Sleep Talking Tuesday Q&A segments, and more.

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Facebook was one of the first social media sites, launched in 2004, just as the digital and social media revolution was picking up speed. In the last 17 years, billions of people around the world have shared memories, photos, and more on Facebook.

Sugar Night Night’s Facebook page features some of our most popular content, including links to our latest blog posts, reviews of our services and other helpful information. Being able to easily share our Facebook content to your friends and followers makes Sugar Night Night’s Facebook page a great way to stay connected to our sleep training services.

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When you are looking for the latest videos, the place to turn is YouTube. Since launching in 2005, YouTube has grown into the second-largest search engine on the internet, behind only Google, making it a popular place to find video content.

The Sugar Night Night YouTube channel is organized into Playlists and Channels so you can easily find the topics and content you are looking for. From our Sweet Sleep Group Coaching sessions to answers to frequently asked questions such as Is Snoring Normal?, our YouTubeChannel is full of helpful video content.

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Note, all our videos are also hosted on our website’s Videos Page, so even if you’re not a YouTuber, you can still check out our latest video content.