We’re All In This Together: Group Sleep Coaching

One of the most exciting things we’ve done at Sugar Night Night this year is launch our innovative group sleep coaching programs. Parents have really responded to group coaching because they still get personalized guidance from me while also enjoying the support and encouragement from fellow parents who, like them, are looking for the right sleep solutions for their family. I’m happy to say there’s more excitement to come in 2021 as we continue to build and expand our group coaching services.

How Group Sleep Coaching Works

Our group coaching program is flexible to meet the needs of busy parents. We use Channels by Marco Polo for these sessions. It’s a video chat platform that helps me maintain one-on-one connections with each of my clients in the group, and it gives parents the option to check in and engage in the program according to their schedules.They just need a phone or tablet to access the Channels app.

Group coaching sessions are five weeks long. Every Wednesday, I post video content for the week. Parents can then post their questions via video, and I’ll answer them on Fridays and Tuesdays. We start on Wednesdays so parents have time to prepare, set goals, and launch new sleep strategies on the weekends. 

Parents in my group coaching programs also have access to all the information I give to my private coaching clients, including tools such as sleep logs and the e-book “Loved to Sleep” that I co-wrote with Andrea Strang. I also ask all parents to fill out a history form so I know about their specific situations and can better coach them towards the best sleep solutions for their needs. And I provide plenty of examples of different sleep plans so parents can build one for their family. Many of these forms are online so I can see them and give feedback or ask clarifying questions. These tools help me tailor my sleep suggestions individually to each client—there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to helping your little one sleep through the night so I don’t give out generic solutions. 

We cover a wide variety of topics in group coaching, including sleep behavior and biology, the ins and outs of sleep coaching, night feeding, nap schedules, and much more. With this information, parents get a better understanding of the different sleep-training methods and how they can be implemented in their families. At the end of five weeks, my goal is to have every parent in the group feel confident in their sleep plan.

In my group sessions, as well as with my one-on-one clients, I use gentle sleep coaching techniques that are creative and empathetic. Strategies are suggested based on the child’s temperament and developmental stage, and we move at a pace that is easy for parents and babies alike in order to keep tears at a minimum. I want tired families to feel encouraged and hopeful that sweet sleep is in their future.

Not sure if GROUP Coaching is for you? Schedule a 10-minute FREE call with Sugar Night Night Assistant Carolina Castro. She will answer any questions you may have regarding how it works.

Want to be part of the excitement?  Go to the Sweet Sleep GROUP Coaching page to see when the next Babies or Toddlers series is being offered and register.  Feel free to contact Carolina Castro if you have any questions about the program.